Once you get turned onto Margo Guryan’s music you’ll never turn off but until a few years ago the opportunity for a “turn-on” would have been rare. Thankfully, Franklin Castle re-released her incredible 1968 album “Take a Picture” and the beautiful “25 Demos” collection. Now her music is available to enjoy over Sunday morning coffee, laid back strolls through sunny hills or in the coziness of home watching rain flow down the windowpanes. Margo’s music has a similar kind of warm, ingenious blend found on records by Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs, France Gall and Broadcast. The tunes are easy going but never lack sparkle. While most of Margo’s fans know her classic 60’s pop, few have heard about her days in the jazz world. She’s a woman of multi-faceted creativity with a rich history so whether you’re new to Margo’s music or a longtime fan, enjoy this inspiring conversation she recorded with dublab’s Nobody.