liquid.sunshine. (天照汁御神) guest hosting – Celsius Drop (03.09.17)


Here it is, highly honed and happening for YOU. On his weekly “Celsius Drop” show, dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum. Tune-in to grasp your destiny.

Frosty is in the outer zones this week so he has invited liquid.sunshine.(天照汁御神) to fill in for this episode of Celsius Drop. Tune-in as this cosmic music maker shares a set of all Japanese music.

      liquid.sunshine. (天照汁御神) guest hosting Celsius Drop (03.09.17)


1. Something Coming by Masahiko Togashi
2. 77777 by EYE
3. Madam Consul-General of Madras by Haruomi Hosono
4. Air by Yuji Imamura & Air
5. Drizzling Rain by Masabumi Kikuchi
6. Yellow Carcass In The Blue by Masabumi Kikuchi
7. Shonen by Mariah
8. Pigmy by Akira Ishikawa and Count Buffalo
9. Cimmerie by T. Yokota and The Beat Generation
10. Sound, Mother Earth by Magical Power Mako
11. Kalavinka by Eitetsu Hayashi
12. Mkwaju by Mkwaju Ensemble
13. Slow Sky by Yutaka Hirose
14. Yawarakana Kisetsu by Saeko Suzuki
15. The Winter Requiem by Joe Hisaishi
16. The City of Light-Ambient by HASYMO
17. Free Time by Kahimi Karie
18. Still Park by Satoshi Ashikawa
19. Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow by Yoshio Suzuki
20. Pray by Masahiko Togashi
21. Super Good by boredoms
22. Saku by Susumu Yokota
23. Soft Wave by H Takahashi
24. Awakening by Hiroshi Sato