Kitten Sparkles and Noah Wallace – Glitter Box (10.20.18)

Kitten Sparkles’ Glitter Box! A radio show featuring Junkshop Glam, Bubbleglam, Bubblegum and Glambient sound collage w/ your hosts, DJs KITTEN SPARKLES (Don Bolles) and NAUGHTY NO-NO (Noah Wallace)! Besides all the great (and often super rare) 7″ vinyl 45s, the Glitter Box will also feature interviews with various luminaries from the 70s Glam explosion, and some of the modern collectors, compilers, writers and fans responsible for bringing us these nuggets from “the 70s we never got to have” here in the USA!

Don Bolles and Noah Wallace host two different Bubbleglam Dance Parties in Los Angeles – Velvet Tinmine @ the Monty Bar, 1222 w 7th St, DTLA on first Fridays, and WIRED UP! @ Zebulon, starting on 4/20!

Noah also sings for Burger Records recording artists and Neo-Glitter band, Hammered Satin, and Don Bolles (Germs, 45 Grave, Fancy Space People, Celebrity Skin) sings and bangs on a tambourine with ARIEL PINK, nowadays.

      Kitten Sparkles and Noah Wallace – Glitter Box (10.20.18)


Kitten Sparkles Glitter Box HALLOWEEN SHOW !!!

INTRO – Chewing Gum Rock by Nicky Bulldog
Nightmare – Witch Woman
Mike Starrs – Witches Brew
The Casuals – The Witch
The Rattles – The Witch
Cattanooga Cats – My Girlfriend Is A Witch
Windsome Witch – Windsome Witch
Louise Huebner’s Seduction Through Witchcraft – The Demon Spell For Energy
Lemming – Queen Jacula
Barry Ryan – Magical Spiel
Shakane – Dance Of The Dead
Gun – Race With The Devil
Hamlett – Vampire Man
The Hammer – Hitchcock’s Lullaby
House Of Lily – Turn Around
Walkers – Fire
Lemming – Lucifera
Thunderthighs – Dracula’s Daughter
Horror Charlie – Horror Sex Show

Greg Robbins – Virginia Creeper
Fogg – Dancin’ To The Music
Hot Chocolate Music Company LTD – My Alphabet
Angel – Little Boy Blue
The Safe As Milk – Eany Meany
Radar – Sweet Baby Sweet
Boston Boppers – Did You Get What You Wanted?
A Raincoat – It Came In The Night
Lennart Messagie & Dagleth – And I Love Her
Weltons – Hang 10 Hang 10
The Carvells – Run Run Run (Down The L.A. Run)
Tracey Dean – Boy On The Ball
Ricky And The Kween Teens – Skate-Out
Marshmallow Way – C’mon Kitty Kitty (Let’s Go To The City)
Copains – Skateboard (UH-AH-AH)
The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show – La La
Hnak The Knife And The Jets – Guitar King
Story – Teenage Fighter
Children – Billy Boy
Change – Wildcat
Merlin – Wildcat
One Hit Wonders – Goodbye
Boneskaker – Sweetness