KATIEE – Live at Dublab (01.24.18)

If Sean Young and Harrison Ford finally had their slow dance in Bladerunner’s sleaziest dive bar, KATIEE would be the house band amplifying their fleshy-machine heat. Based in NYC, KATIEE makes torch songs in the tune of thunderdome pop, minimalist mystic Terry Riley meets quiet storm Teddy Riley. Her debut LP “Out All Night” (Selfish Agenda) features dance floor beats, horns & strings with a lineup featuring members of free jazz slayers Sunwatchers. Here she presents a new set of tunes stripped down to the bones, just vox, keys, and Dr Groove. Katie Eastburn was the singer of Young People (5RC, Dimmak, Too Pure), LA legends who helped reimagine the possibilities of punk throughout the aughts.

      KATIEE - Live at Dublab (01.24.18)