Juma Sultan’s Aboriginal Music Society – Shake Your Money Maker

This is the 500th song posted on the dublab “future roots for free” MP3 Blog! The tunes we bring you as part of this offering are meant to encourage your further exploration of music we love. For this landmark installment we are thrilled to feature a short but searingly funky number that’s guaranteed to do just that. “Shake Your Money Maker” comes from the Porter Records anthology of Juma Sultan’s Aboriginal Music Society recordings titled Whispers from the Archive. This is an inspired, soul jazz, jump up and shout jam from a group of truly energized musicians feeling their highest. At just under one and a half minutes it is also the collection’s shortest song. We intentionally chose it to get you anticipating the incredible sounds that await in an album containing tunes of up to twenty minutes that all maintain the same soaring sensation whether blasting big or whispering softly.