Joe Rihn – Audio Days (03.04.18)


Audio Days are here. Cross-genre selections and conversations with the musically obsessed.



Cyrus – Inversion
Ethereal – Dandy
Pole – Fliegen
Donnacha Costello – Ri2.2.
Ruf Dug – Domica (Kenneth Bager’s Sunset Mix)
Benedek – Climbing Vines
Wuhan Wuchang – Total Art of Percussion
Sandoz – Digital Lifeforms
LNRDCROY – Telegraph My Love (Live Mix)
Dubbyman – Cisma
D Tiffany – Something About You
Maurizo – Dominas (C. Craig’s Mind Mix)
Force Placement – Missing Words
Project Pablo – The Fuss
Lukid – Chord
Rezzett – Gremlinz
Hidden Agenda – The Flute Tune
Just Jungle – As We Enter
Palta – Optagelse 16A
Process – Level Cascade
John Tejada – A World So Wide