Jimmy Tamborello – Dying Songs (09.26.11)

dying songs

Jimmy Tamborello presents a stunning survey of the world of music wrapped into a brilliant flash, that once experienced, will never leave your memory. We know your mind is so full these days that it can only retain a set amount of data. No problemo. Just push some info out to make room for Dying Songs. Who needs memories of those early summer days rolling down green hills, the sight of your great-grandmother’s smile or your first kiss. Toss it in the trash bin and bring on the tunes!



Disco Inferno – Love’s Stepping Out – The 5 EPs – One Little Indian

Plaid – Missing – Scintilli – Warp

Roman Flügel – Song With Blue – Fatty Folders – Dial

Sully – I Know – Carrier – Keysound

Emika – Professional loving (DJ Rashad & DJ BMT remix) – Pretend/Professional Loving EP – Ninjatune

Clams Casino – All I Need – Instrumentals – Type

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Honest Words – Honest Words ep – Domino

Leyland Kirby – Neon Lit Atoms (mix) – Subscription Tracks – self released

Frank Prinzen – ? – ? – demo

Autechre – Skin Up You’re Already Dead (remix of Saint Etienne’s Like A Motorway) – Quex-RD/Skin Up 12″ reissue – bootleg

Sam KDC – Symbol #3.3 – Symbol #3 – Auxiliary

Radiohead – Morning Mr. Magpie (Pearson Sound Scavenger RMX) – TKOL remixes – self released

James Ferraro – Text Bubbles – Condo Pets -Hippos In Tanks

If you make music and want me to play it, get in touch at soundcloud.com/dntel, preferably in a downloadable MP3 format. I’ll make sure to listen to anything that’s sent in. You can also send physical musical items to me care of…

ATTN: Jimmy Tamborello
4519 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90029

For more information go to my Labrat page or dyingsongs.tumblr.com.