Jimmy Tamborello – Dying Songs (06.07.12)

dying songs

Jimmy Tamborello and his Dying Songs radio show is here to save your ears. “What from” you ask? From the absolute silence of space. You’re floating out there in a cramped capsule with no food, no beverages, no trashy novels and just a big ball of distress to keep you company. Well if you’re going to starve to death while floating through the cosmos you might as well have some songs to keep you company, so here are some splendid options to enjoy. You can thank Jimmy from the afterlife.



Becoming Real – Anthropology – Solar Dreams/Neon Decay – Not Even

DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – Over Ya Head – Teklife Vol. 1: Welcome To Chi – Lit City Trax

Clams Casino – Angels – Instrumental Mixtape 2 – self released

Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace – Rhythm Ace Demo – Live 1976 – Drag City

Ricky Eat Acid – When You Wake Up I’ll Be Gone little cat – Art Week 2012 – Unlimited Free Milkshakes

Lawrence – Etoile Du Midi – Etoile Du Midi – Dial

Walls – Drunken Galleon (John Tejada mix) – Coracle Remixe – Kompakt

Portable Sunsets – Guitar Plume – Mercy – Magical Properties

Vedomir – Orthodox Ambient – Vedomir – Dekmantel

jj – Beautiful Life – jj no4 – Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours

Abel – Girls (Baauer remix) – Girls – Astro Nautico

Drexciya – Neon Falls – Journey Of THe Deep Sea Dweller II – Clone

Liars – The Exact Colour Of Doubt – WIXIW – Mute

Jam City – How We Relate To The Body – Classical Curves – Night Slugs

Madteo featuring Sensational – Very Sweaty Palms (Kassem Mosse remix) – Recast – Clone

Mokira – Manipulation Musik (Redshape Tape Dub) – Time Axis Manipulation Part 3 – Kontra-Musik

Wanda Group – Constantly White – Get INvolved In My THroat – Vlek

Beachwood Sparks – Nature’s Light – The Tarnished Gold – Sub Pop

His Name Is Alive – Time To Get Alone – Silver Family – Silver Mountain Media

Bass Clef – Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare – Reeling Skullways – Punch Drunk

Brogan Bentley – askwhenimnight – unreleased

Indigo Bunting – U Will B Mist – #Seapunk Volume 1 (v/a) – Coral Records

Francis Bebey – The Coffee Cola Song – African Electronic Music 1976-1982 – Born Bad Records

If you make music and want me to play it, get in touch at soundcloud.com/dntel, preferably in a downloadable MP3 format. I’ll make sure to listen to anything that’s sent in. You can also send physical musical items to me care of…

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Los Angeles, California 90029

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