Jennifer Herrema w/guest Bob Bruno – The Banana Question (08.23.17)

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“On the “Banana Question” show I will play whatever I feel like playing and will occasionally be curated by occasional guests…..Bananas? Bananas!!!”



Steve Monite – Only You
Stevie – Sending Out For Love

Sun Ra – UFO
Antibalas – Gold Rush
Ennanga Vision – Otim’s War
Sensations’ Fix- Into the Memory
Don Gere – There’s a Star in You
Scorpions – Suspender Love
Mandrill – Two Sisters of Mystery
Socrates – Death is Gonna Die
Victor Griffin – Never Surrender
Warrior – Boyz Gonna Rock
Aleister X – Tom Tit
Garland Jeffreys – Wild in the Street
Beefeater – Fred’s Song
Sgt. Slaughter and Camoflage – The Cobra Clutch
Herbie Hancock Sextant – Rain Dance
Tobacco – Usual Stallion
Brian Ellis featuring Egyptian Lover – Love Is…
Fat Pat – Top’s Drop
Geto Boys – I Ain’t With Being Broke
Joe Cocker – Woman and Woman
Black Sabbath – Spirit Caravan
Herman Rarebell – Rock Your Balls
Salty Dog – Come Along