Jeff Weiss – POW Radio (04.08.17)


In the grand tradition of spinoffs (“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” “The Simpsons,” “It’s Pat”) POW Radio is the audible extension of the Passion of Weiss website and label. Expect regional rap, psych-rock, dub, grime, house, and a cleansing tonic of misanthropy. Hosted by Jeff Weiss alongside Torii MacAdams, Paul Thompson, and other writers from the website, POW Radio seeks to dig up obscurities that should be popular and bury popular artists that should be obscure.

      Jeff Weiss – POW Radio (04.08.17)


T-Pain – “Pull Up on a Stick (T-Mix)”
Kodak Black – “Patty Cake”
Gucci Mane – “Vampires”
Kevin Gates – “What If”
Jimmy Wopo – “Elm Street”
The Outfit TX – “The D-Funk Era”
Yungstar – “Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall”

Desto Dubb ft. Drakeo – “Pourin’ 4s”
FrostyDaSnowMann – “oH mY GaWd”
Joey Fatts ft. Vince Stapes – “562”
French Montana ft. A$AP Rocky & Chinx Drugs – “Off the Rip” (Remix)
Mobb Deep ft. Bounty Killer – “Deadly Zone”
Buju Banton – “Make My Day” (Kenny Dope Remix)”
Supercat – “South Central” (Outstanding Mix)”

Nas – “Just Another Day in the Projects (91 Demo)
Kazi & Madlib – “Down 4 The Kaz (The 1st Take)”
The Whoridas – “Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin'”
Shawnna ft. Ludacris – “Shake That Shit”
Hudson Mohawke – “Ooops”
Prince – “Letitgo (Sherm Stick Edit)”

Sarah Chernoff – “Dark Minnie”
Ness Nite – “Runnin”
Pioneer 11 – “Ha”
Natia – “The Wrong Way”
T.Y.E. – “No More”
Kris The $pirit ft. Gabe Nandez – “Poverty’s Paradise”
Ol’ Burger Beats ft. Chester Watson & Kent Loon” – “Moon is Out”
Jordan Raf – “You Left Me”

Can – “Mushroom”
Banyen Sriwongsa – “Lam Plearn Kon Baa Huay”
Them Two – “Am I A Good Man”
The Budos Band – “Burnt Sticks”
Dungen – “Sista Gasten”