Jean-Paul Jenkins – guest hosting Celsius Drop (12.15.16)

Frosty was floating out in the galaxy this week so he invited the divine Jean-Paul Jenkins to guide your exploration.

Jean-Paul Jenkins has been making sounds in front of people since 1991. Inspired by the teachings of Deep Listening, Dhrupad, Minimalism and Free Improvisation, he integrates multiple forms of attention and performance to create sonic spaces for healing and relaxation. Accompanying physical movement and meditation has been is primary focus for the last decade.



Bismillah Khan – Midnight and Spring
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – States of Consciousness
Sounds True – May 19 Full Moon
Ladysmith Black Mombazo – Dont Waste Her Time
D.N Asher – Testimony
Howard Adams and Congregation – Amazing Grace
Emahou Tsegue-Mariam Guebru – Ballad of the Spirits
Mamman Sani – Gosi
Environments – Tintinabulation
Watazumido – Musashi No Shirabe
Sounds True – Moire Realization Magick
Arica – Music of the Nine Rings
Kid 606 – F Minor
Beau Breather – On the Spectrum
Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings – A Choir of Bells
Earthtunes – Winters Night Sunrise
Muktananda – Guru Gita
Hamza El Din – The Water Wheel
Walter Carlos – Fall
Alice Damon – Waterfall Winds
Arthur Russell – Happy Ending
Steven Halpern – Trans-Pan Dance
Unknown – Bambara Affirmations
JP Jenkins – Ukibiko
Hu Vibrational – In the Field (Feat Yusef Latif)
Bagwan Shree Rajneesh –