Jasmin Blasco – Speak My Language (10.03.16)


This broadcast was recorded live from Pop Hop Books & Print in Highland Park for our Spring 2016 Proton Drive.

“All around the world, everywhere I go, no one understands me.”

Speak My Language proposes to explore the sound of words and the music beyond it.

Every month we will feature a guest to investigate a specific world of sound through a curated playlist.
Speak My Language will be the site for the elaboration of series of Radio Fictions.
Speak My Language is also an event series. www.mandrakebar.com

      Jasmin Blasco - Speak My Language (10.03.16)


Traditional Tahitian Percussion – Te Hotu –
No More War – Wareika Hill Sounds
El Milagro Verde – Roots of Chica
Cumbia de los Pajaritos – Los Mirlos
El Conejito de los Conquistadores –
Terrorist in the city – Eek-a-Mouse –
Lost Mi Love – YellowMan
Slap a Hoe(Squeeky) – Delroy Edwards
Blackman’s Word – Alton Ellis
Bilomba Ya Africa – Nico
Souha Abdel Amir – Kolli Ala Ai Makshouf (Be Honest With Me)
Pop Concerto – (Un)decipherable Arabic Script
Kyrgyz Song – ???
Lies – Asha Puthli
Maaleem Mamoud Guinia & Floating Points – Mimoun Marhaba
Black Phase – Tim Hecker
Zazou, Bikaye and C1 – Lamuka(1983)
1dr9Vmi9 –
Liebe auf Den Ersten Blick(Love at First Sight) – D.A.F
La Gata Llora –
Happy Survival – Eddie Okwedy
Ihmuar –
Sweetest Taboo Club Mix – Rebles
Dance Dance Dance – Marta Acuna
Swinging Party – Kindness
Melodie Moderne – Space Art
October(Love Song)[Dance Mix] – Chris & Cosey