Jameszoo – Poek


Do you remember the summer you got heat stroke and left the placid scene of the sunny picnic to wander wobbly into the thick forest? It was much cooler there and as the leaves above squeezed the sun into broken rays you found shady solace to chill your temperature troubled brow. Your head remained whirring, blurry with colored spots, but you were happy to escape the blaze. With your vision still sun splashed your ears perked up to take over the sensory duties. These enhanced hearing fixtures picked up a new sound formed from unknown instruments. The melodies gelled then shattered but the song drew you in. You followed this tune to a dark corner of the forest where in the shadows of a cave stood a singular figure wrapped in rubber bands and fireflies. This musician was equally sweaty but his sheen was obviously the result of his frenetic performance in motion. You stood behind a tree watching as this mysterious player sketched out elastic supersonics in slow motion. He was a solo Jazz jammer flexing the spectrum of rhythms and melodies that had come before while bending time into the tonalities of tomorrow. To this day you’re still not sure if it was Jameszoo but he’s surely as close as you’ve heard since so you gleefully picked up his Jheronimus EP on Rwina Records.