Jake Jenkins w/guest Adult Karate – Friendly Futures Radio (03.27.17)

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Monday evenings, Friendly Futures Radio floats and fills the dublab skies with Los Angeles musical enthusiasm with particular hip-hop diligence, new age headiness and certainly Silky sentimentality. Cornering and covering all of the communities within the community, future roots on full. All in transcribing details within the history. We love the history!

      Jake Jenkins - Friendly Futures Radio (03.27.17)


Roland Tings – Slow Centre
Slugabed – Earth Is Gone Sorry (feat. Lum)
Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4
Talaboman – Safe Changes
Suzanne Kraft – City Boy
Octo Octa – Until The Moon Sets
Octo Octa – On Your Lips
Geotic – Actually Smiling
Romare – Honey
Barnaby Carter – Cold Weather, Warm Soul
Jacques Greene – Feel Infinite

— Adult Karate set —

Adult Karate – From The Dust (Engine Farm (s)lowdown Mix)
Adult Karate – Holy Fallout
Alma Construct – On the Edge, Surrounded With the Shores of Assudrey
The Kloom – 40 Gram Beton (Die Wilde Jagd Remix)
Tomash – Ectoplasma
Saya – AyeAye
Double Hill – Every Time I Go
Deee-Lite – What Is Love? (Holographic Beard Mix – AK Edit)
Blonde Redhead – Dripping
John Carpenter – Night (Zola Jesus and Dean Hurley Remix)
The Black Madonna – A Jealous Heart Never Rests
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Acid Edit)
Lowtec – Untitled A1