Induce – some shadow sounds (08.29.11)

If you find yourself sauntering down a Miami street at 3am with the midnight rain still glistening on the sidewalk you might see a reflection staring back up at you. It won’t be your face, but another looking up from the ripples. This image will whisper a soft secret to you and just as quickly disappear. As your mind tries to downplay this hallucination, the whispered code grows louder. The more you try to shake it out of your head the louder it becomes. Soon, you find yourself laying on the beach with the Sun searing your skin. The whisper has become a roar, a burning chorus. You run into the crashing waves and your body dissolves into the sea. Your spirit becomes a vessel to carry the message to the next. Soon it will be your face appearing in the shadowy sidewalk to reveal the rippled truth and induce another to transform.

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1. A Certain Ratio – Blown Away
2. Medium Medium – So Hungry, So Angry
3. The Honeymoon Killers – Histoire A Suivre
4. Maximum Joy – Stretch
5. Defunkt – Defunkt
6. 400 Blows – Declaration Of Intent
7. Public Image Ltd. – This Is Not A Love Song
8. Lizzy Mercer Descloux – Fire
9. Pulsallma – Oui Oui
10. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Dance Of The Screamers
11. Greenfield Leisure – First Time
12. Blurt – The Ruminant Truth
13. The Higsons – Waap
14. Ciaran Harte – Love Is Strange
15. Richard Bone – Mambopolis