Hoseh with guest Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks – Version Sounds (07.12.12)

Today Hoseh is joined on this special episode of “Version Sounds” by his longtime pal Brent Rademaker. The two share tunes perfect for a summer spent on the psychedelic slant of our west coast. Brent and his fellow wave riders Beachwood Sparks have a new album, The Tarnished Gold, out now on Sub Pop. Hear a tune from the record plus songs from Sparks’ sister bands and related freak specialists.



Nocera-Summertime (Hard Dub)-12″Sleeping Bag

Beachwood Sparks-Mollusk-The Tarnished Gold-Sub Pop

Frausdots-Fashion Death Trends-Couture, Couture, Couture-Sub Pop

Felt-I Worship the Sun-Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty-Cherry Red

Lightships-Electric Cables-Geographic

Summer Hits-Beaches and Canyons-1992-1996-X Mas

Nobody-Interlude/After the Summer Hits-Pacific Drift-Ubiquity

Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory-Feet Upon the Sand (Dntel Remix)-12″-Mush

Further-Grandview Skyline-Next Time West Coast-1000 Guitar Mania

Beachwood Sparks/State Music-Sing Your Blues (Ponce de Leon-Sing Your Thoughts Remix-Demo

Beachwood Sparks/State Music-I Can’t Sleep this Year (Hibernation Remix)-Demo


Brent Rademaker “Don’t Let the Name Fool You'” Christmas Records Retrospective Set

Further-Over and Out-7″

Further-Smudge-Grip Tape Lp

The Summer Hits-Thin-7″

Safron-CT-F 500-Split 7″ with Guero

Emily’s Sassy Lime-Teenage Superstar-Summer Vacation 7″

Fighter Jet-Cute Blonde Girl-Split 7″ with Rusty Troller-Small-Fi/Christmas

Further-The Daily Planet-Surfing Pointers 7″

Mia Doi Todd-Autumn-The Ewe and the Eye

Further-Penelope Tree-Surfing Pointers 7″

Further-Brian and Ray-Sometimes Chimes LP

The Lefties-Movies-Night Flight of the Bat Moon Dog 7″

The Young Destroyers-Cast the Votes (Like Stones)-12″ EP

DiskothiQ-Heartland Feeling-7″

Lowercase-Star 80-7″

Further w/ The Summer Hits-Christmas Has Been Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest-Chimes at Christmas 7″