Hoseh w/guest Liz O (Shadowplay) – Version Sounds (07.21.15)


Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub for adding so much to the music we listen to today. From there the branches continue to sprout via a myriad of genres and time spans. Colombian cumbias meet Germanic techno dub meets British twee pop. Stereolab and Sun Ra lounge around as Stars of the Lid jam with Prince Jammy. You never know what to expect but you are guaranteed that the now sounds of 2015 will have a toast with the happening sonics of 1968 and beyond!” love, Hoseh

      Hoseh w/guest Liz O (Shadowplay) - Version Sounds (07.21.15)


Cluster-Rote Riki-Zuckerzeit-Brain

Cluster & Eno-Ho Renomo-s/t-Sky

Harmonia-Walky Talky-Deluxe-Brain

Tank-Klakinn Mist.-Gunnar 12”-Earworm

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra-Oh, Oh, Oooh Ei Ei Ei Wo Immer Es Auch Sei-Peter Scores-Diggler

Gustav-Rettet die Wale (Daedelus Remix)-Pudel Produkte 15-Staatsakt

Leech-Ninao-Tusks 12”-100% Silk

Pharaohs-Mr. Fontel-Rinse Dream-Vinyls on Wax

Strategy-Bubble n’ Snare-Pressure Wassure-Peak Oil

Tal-Erotic Pinball-An Evening With Charlie-Quatermass

Lucy & Klock-War Lullaby-12”-Stroboscopic Artefacts



Legendary Pink Dots— Poppy Day— The Tower — Play It Again Sam
Austra and Gina X— Mayan Drums— 12” — Domino Records
Frank (Just Frank) — Traversez Le Pont— Electric Voice II— Polyphasic Studios
ADULT.— Idle (Second Thoughts)— The Way Things Fall— Ghostly International
MRK— Hell O— Blood— Records Ad Nauseam
Cellars— Timeline— Lovesick— Records Ad Nauseam
Tipical Me— Claustrofobian— Medical Records Vol. 3— Electro Convulsive Therapy Obscure Singles C. 83-86
Cold Cave— A Little Death to Laugh— 7”— Heartworm
Mark Lane— Love Is So Aggravating— 7”— Artwerk Records
Terminal A— Oedipus Kiss— Split 7”—
Fad Gadget— Make Room— Lady Shave 7”— Mute Records
Xeno & Oaklander — Sentinelle — Sentinelle— Wierd Record
Lizzy Mercier Descloux— Fire— Fire/Mission Impossible 12”— Ze Records