Hoseh – Version Sounds (08.07.18)


Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub for adding so much to the music we listen to today. From there the branches continue to sprout via a myriad of genres and time spans. Colombian cumbias meet Germanic techno dub meets British twee pop. Stereolab and Sun Ra lounge around as Stars of the Lid jam with Prince Jammy. You never know what to expect but you are guaranteed that the now sounds of 2015 will have a toast with the happening sonics of 1968 and beyond!” love, Hoseh

      Hoseh – Version Sounds (08.07.18)


Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Seasons-Does Your House Have Lions?-Atlantic

Ornette Coleman-Rainbows-Ornette at 12-Impulse!

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Echoes of Primitive Ohio and Chili Dogs-The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color-Atlantic

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Anysha-Other Folks Music-Atlantic

Yusef Lateef-A Long Time Ago-The Diverse…-Atlantic

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Conversation/Three for the Festival-Does Your House Have Lions?-Atlantic

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Freaks for the Festival/Dream-The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color-Atlantic


The Gerald Wilson Orchestra-California Soul-California Soul-World Pacific Jazz

The Monkees-Can You Dig It?-Head-Colgems

The Dragons-Hear the Truth/Everybody Needs-A Sea for Yourself-Modern Harmonic

Languis-Alpine-Unreleased 97-99-self-released

Pas Chic Chic-Allez vous faire influencer!-12”-Semprini

Cavern of Anti-Matter-Feed Me Magnetic Rain-Hormone Lemonade-Duophonic UHF Disks

Bochum Welt-Greenwich-Feelings on a Screen-Rephlex


Horace Andy-Money is the Root of All Evil-Sings For You and I-Clocktower

The Jolly Brothers-Cool Down-Conscious Man-Hot Pepper

Morwell Unlimited Meet King Tubby’s-Pegasus Rock-Dub Me-Blood & Fire

The Exposures-Collage of Digital Passion-Lost Recordings-Eastern Developments

Microstoria-Endless Summer (Stereolab:Microlab Mix)-12”-Thrill Jockey

Grouper-Cover the Windows and the Walls-Cover the Windows and the Walls-Root Strata

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-The Inflated Tear-The Inflated Tear-Atlantic