Hoseh – Version Sounds (07.05.12)

Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub for adding so much to the music we listen to today. From there the branches continue to sprout via a myriad of genres and time spans. Colombian cumbias meet Germanic techno dub meets British twee pop. Stereolab and Sun Ra lounge around as Stars of the Lid jam with Prince Jammy. You never know what to expect but you are guaranteed that the now sounds of 2012 will have a toast with the happening sonics of 1968 and beyond!” love, Hoseh



Caural-Visuals-Blurred July EP-Chocolate Industries

Dimlite-Rump Studies-Prismic Tops EP-Now & Again

Doctor Rockit-Summer Love-Indoor Fireworks-Lifelike

Kreidler-Big Eden-Split 12″-Bureau B

Rene y Rene-Everybody’s Talkin’-The magic of…-Cetron

Beachwood Sparks-Talk About Lonesome-Tarnished Gold-Sub Pop

Lightships-Stretching Out-Electric Cables-Geographic

Mike Fellows-Sunshores-Limited Storyline Guest-Vertical Form

Prefuse 73-Oh Linda, You Lit It My Life With Your Voice and Made Me Fall in Love With You-In the Loop, Vol. 2-Plug Research

Animal Collective-Summertime Clothes (L.D)-12″-Domino


Capitol K-Cumbiatronics-Andean Dub-Faith & Industry-


Jose Ambriz y su grupo “Amor y Paz”-Porque tu eres-Super Sonido

Hugues Aufray-La blanche caravelle-Horizon-Barclay

Monna Bell-Corazon Feliz-Vol. 2-Musart

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland-Track 5-Black is Beautiful-Hyperdub

Deee Lite-Picnic in the Summertime (Guru’s Jeeper Self Mix0-12″-Elektra

Bruce Haack-Blam (Man Kind) Samiyan Remix-Remixes-Stones Throw

Shlomo-Wen UUU (Salva Remix)-Vacation EP-Friends of Friends

RP Boo-Meets Shangaan Electro-Split 12″-Honest Jon’s

Dumi and the Maraire Marimba Ensemble-Mweya-Chiwoniso-self released

Actress-Caves of Paradise-R.I.P-Honest Jon’s

Los Miticos del Ritmo-No pares hasta tener lo suficiente-s/t-Soundway

Los Regors-Cumbia Caletera-Vol. 3-Dideca

La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata-Nasty Sex-s/t-Therapeutic

Caural-Goodbye May Kasahara-Blurred July EP-Chocolate Industries


Orcas-Until Then-s/t-Morr Music