Hello DJ – to here, from here (01.07.19)

to here, from here is a series of contextual stories—songs, words, conversations, and love, exchanged in Los Angeles and out. Stream of consciousness; honesty and connections; music in its personal state, music in its shared state. Hello DJ hosts, with friends and guests, and you.

      Hello DJ - to here, from here (01.07.19)


upsammy – Zona
Richard H. Kirk – Never Lose Your Shadow
Panda Bear – Nod to the Folks
Front 242 – Masterhit (Masterblaster)
rRoxymore – Thoughts of an Introvert
Concept Neuf – The Path (Sofrito Edit)
SW. – Untitled A2
Jack J – Thirstin’ (Dum Dub)
Dan Eller – Play Time
Moses – Our Revolution
The Golden Filter – Talk Talk Talk (Cooper Saver Edit)
Villa Abo – Made on Coffee & Wine
Marie Davidson – Work It
Almaty – Gennaro
Ryan James Ford – Pegl Shant
Tessela – Hackney Parrot (10 Ton Mix)
Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia
AceMo – Jam 1212
Divoli S’vere – Respiration
Omar-S – Heard’ Chew Single (feat. John FM)
Spirituals – Carl’s Trip to Florida
Le Stim – A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown the King)
Evans Pyramid – Never Gonna Leave You
The Durruti Column – Otis
Animal Collective – Winters Love