Hashim B. - A Psych Boogie Journey

Takeshi Terauchi “Superstition”

Sadistic Mika Band “Silver Child”

Lily “Sarcastic Remark”

Zuno Keisatsu “Hyena”

Ichiro Araki “Sukeban Kankain Dasso” (Edited by Muro)

Baris Manco “Estergon Kalesi”

Kamuran Akkor “Sana Bir Mujdem Var”

Parla Senol “Su Basima Gelenler”

Oneness Of Juju “African Rhythms Pt. 1” (45 version)

Math Samba “Rhythme De Yagba”

Super-Jay “Super-Jay Love Theme”

Dr Love & Sister Love “Doctor Love & Sister Love Rap”

Black Juniors “Hey Disc-Jockey”

R.B. Hudmon “Searching For Your Love”

C.T. Thompson “With You”

C.T. Thompson “Supersonic Rap Pt. 1”

Marcos Valle “Estrelar”

Gerson King Combo “Melo Do Hulk”

Hot Soca Featuring Ed Watson and his Brass Circle “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”

Lotti G. “What’s It Worth” (Inst.)21. Junko Yagami “Imagination”

Glenn Jones “I Am Somebody”

Caro “I’m Scared”

Record Player “Free Your Mind”

Curtis “How Can I Tell Her”

Cania “Visions”

Ellis And Cephas “I’m Gonna Miss You Girl”

Al Foster Band “The Night Of The Wolf”

Claudia “Reza, Tambor E Raca”

Gerson King Combo “Mr. John”

Anthony Gnazzo “Asparagas”

Terry Riley Persion Surgery Dervishes” (Side 2)

Pandit Pran Nath “Raga Todi”