Greg Belson w/ guest DJ Jackie Hoodoo – 45’s of Fury (08.27.14)


Greg Belson hosts this monthly excursion into rare soul, raw funk and other wild madness from the 1960-70′s. All the tunes are are from 45 RPM discs selected for your listening pleasure.

Mr Hoodoo is a musical harlequin of particular note…..he’s totally immersed himself in the soulful groove for years, albeit the mod sounds of Europe, to the killer r&b funk from the United States. His record box is a box of delights… tune in to find out what this LA transplant via Leeds can do with your mind, body and anything else he d*mn well pleases ;)

      Greg Belson w/guest Jackie Hoodoo - 45's of Fury (08.27.14)


Rudolph Aguirre Parker ‘We’ve got to save the world’ (August Moon)
Jack Wood ‘Born to wander’ (Lawrence)
Bird Rollins ‘Do it to it’ (Calla)
Della Reese ‘It was a very good year’ (ABC)
Gi Gi ‘Daddy love’ (Sweet)
Marvin L. Sims ‘Talkin’ ‘bout soul’ (Revue)
Gene Faith ‘My baby’s missing’ (Virtue)
Lionel Hampton and Orchestra ‘Railroad No. 1’ (Glad)
Johnnie Morisette ‘Run’ (Bay-Town)
Clarence Williams ‘I know about love’ (Tina)
Buddy Lucas ‘Bo-lee’ (Luniverse)
Carol Fran ‘I’m gonna try’ (Port)
The Fabulettes ‘Try the workin’ way’ (Sound Stage 7)
Big Maybelle ‘I can’t wait any longer’ (Rojac)
Lavern Baker ‘Tiny tim’ (Atlantic)
Richard Baker ‘Elijah rock’ (Soul Music)
Rev. Lawrence Roberts and his Angelic Choir ‘It’s the holy ghost’ (Savoy)
John Lee Hooker ‘Back biters and syndicaters’ (Bluesway)
Bo Diddley ‘We’re gonna get married’ (Chess)
Sterling Harrison ‘Right there with you’ (Smash)
Jeri & Joe ‘Without you babe’ (Womar)
The Esquires ‘Listen to me’ (Bunky)
No No Starr ‘Pull yourself together’ (Midas)
Doreen Rose ‘I want to be petted’ (GMC)
The Classics ‘Aces high’ (Jaguar)
Ernie K. Doe ‘Dancin’ man’ (Duke)