Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show (09.27.12)

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and spirituals from the 1960’s thru to the 1980’s.

The Divine Chord Gospel Show branches out into gospel influenced cuts and artists that crossed over to performing secular cuts too; so plenty of rarities all played from original vinyl, either on 45 or LP format. The Divine Chord Gospel Show Facebook Page



The Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 16 broadcast on 27th September 2012

Allen Gauff, Jr. And His Combo ‘I don’t want to be alone’ (Praise Spiration)
Preacherman Isidore Womack ‘I’ve got power in my mind’ (The Unlimited)
The Oxnard Jubilees ‘I’ve been saved and sanctified’ (Two:Dot)
Birmingham Traveleers ‘Call me, answer’ (Birmingham Traveleers)
Dixie Wonders feat. Cleophus Mabone ‘My soul has got to move’ (Memorial)
Caffey Brothers ‘Make me over’ (Aura)
Bobby Lee Fears ‘Exodus’ (Forward)


The Mighty Spiritual Lights of Alexandria, VA. ‘You got to move’ (MRC)
Sensational Harmonizers ‘God is real’ (Hosanna)
The Vocalaries of Newport News, Virginia ‘There must be a heaven (Somewhere)’ (Pinewood)
The Shining Stars ‘Lord, I’m still waiting’ (JCR Gospels)
The Heirs of Soul ‘I heard a voice’ (Soul Lark)
The Sons of the Soul Revivers ‘I’ll be satisfied’ (Reviver)


Dwain Vinyard ‘Searching for the truth’ (Vinyard)
The Bronze Connection ‘Love uprising’ (MPH)
The Heavenly Five ‘Jordan river’ (B-Rod)
Masonic Wonders ‘I call him’ (More-Love)
Connie Pitts ‘Working people’ (Hob is Gospel)
The Sensational Skylarks ‘Jesus, oh how I love you’ (The Sensational Skylarks)
The Sound of Togetherness ‘Don’t wait on time’ (Smoke)