Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show (08.23.12)

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and spirituals from the 1960’s thru to the 1980’s.

The Divine Chord Gospel Show branches out into gospel influenced cuts and artists that crossed over to performing secular cuts too; so plenty of rarities all played from original vinyl, either on 45 or LP format. The Divine Chord Gospel Show Facebook Page



Shackleford Singers ‘God is all over me’ (R.S.)
The Mighty Christian Soldiers ‘Jesus’ (Goodie Train)
C.K. Brady & Avent Singers ‘Do it for the Lord’ (Valberst)
The Holy Providers ‘Surely he died’ (Psalms)
Rev. Leroy Liddell ‘In the safety zone’ (Gospel Express Records, Inc.)
The Soul Stirrers ‘Striving’ (Checker)
Southern Sons ‘Teach us how to pray’ (Clearhill)


The Neighborhood Men’s Singers ‘Something within me’ (Rondo)
Ella Jenkins ‘Freedom’s coming mighty soon’ (Asch)
The Deep South Singers ‘I’ll let nothing separate me from God love’ (Woodrich)
The Singing Tones ‘I’ll be searching’ (Velvet)
The Gospel Crusaders ‘I’m on my journey’ (Champ)
The Charoletts Singers ‘Lord you brought me’ (Co-Op)
Famous L. Renfroe ‘It so’ (Clip-So)


Rev. O.C. Tolbert and the Blues Congregation ‘Hard times’ (Rolyat)
Morning Doves ‘Come out the wilderness’ (Kable)
The Birmingham Spirituals ‘New thing going around’ (Crown Ltd.)
The Silver Kings ‘Trouble the water’ (Bounty)
Heavenly Vibrations of Augusta, Georgia ‘I have a friend’ (Gospel Express Records, Inc.)
Rev. O. C. Tolbert ‘Hard times’ (Rolyak)
Rev. O.C. Tolbert and the Blues Congregation ‘You gotta hold on me’ (Rolyat)