Greg Belson – 45s of Fury Xmas Edition (12.24.14)


Greg Belson hosts this monthly excursion into rare soul, raw funk and other wild madness from the 1960-70′s. All the tunes are are from 45 RPM discs selected for your listening pleasure.

      Greg Belson - 45s of Fury Xmas Edition (12.24.14)


Jerry White & the Under Funk 4 ‘Hot foot’ (W&D)
The Mighty Flea ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ (Eldo)
The Hun’s Review ‘Danger zone’ (Sorro)
The X-Cessors ‘Boog’ (LuTall)
The Relations ‘Blow your mind’ (A Bem Sole)
The Wallace Brothers ‘What-cha feel is what’cha get’ (Walbro)
People in the News ‘Color me’ (Knaptown)
The Explosions ‘Stepping hot’ (Lu-Bet)
The Iketts ‘Camel walk’ (Modern)
Benny Johnson & His Soul Serenaders ‘Fresh out of teardrops’ (Tarx)
Free and Easy ‘Peace and love’ (Carol G)
The Faithful Wonders ‘Ol’ John (behold thy mother)’ (Chess)
Tommy Bush and the Ernest Scott Band ‘I don’t like it’ (Rika)
John Wesley ‘Love is such a funny thing’ (Melic)
Divine Light Assembly ‘The Right Way’ (DCGS)
Mockingbirds of the South ‘Livin’ in the city’ (DCGS)
The Masters of Music ‘Trouble don’t last always’ (Lake)
Sebastian Williams ‘Too much’ (Sound of Soul)
Rose Battiste ‘Hit and run’ (Revilot)
The Vonettes ‘Touch my heart’ (Cobblestone)
The Precisions ‘If this is love (I’d rather be lonely)’ (Drew)
The Relatives ‘Leave something worthwhile’ (Ever-Soul)
The Royal Esquires ‘Ain’t gonna run’ (Prix)
The Volumes ‘My road is the right road’ (Inferno)