Greg Belson – 45s of Fury: Original Soundtrack Edition (09.24.14)


Greg Belson hosts this monthly excursion into rare soul, raw funk and other wild madness from the 1960-70′s. All the tunes are are from 45 RPM discs selected for your listening pleasure.

      Greg Belson - 45s of Fury: Original Soundtrack Edition (09.24.14)


The Sidewalk Sounds from ‘The Wild Race’ – ‘Bedroom theme’ (Sidewalk)
Stu Phillips from ‘Angels from Hell’ – ‘4 o’clock tea’ (Tower)
Stu Phillips from Hella Angels on Wheels’ –  ‘Flowers’ (Smash)
Jerry Goldsmith from ‘Sebastian’ – ‘The trip’ (Dot)
Jerry Goldsmith from ‘The Last Run’ – ‘Double cross’ (MGM)
Stanley Myers from ‘No Way to Treat a Lady’ – ‘St. Matthew fashion’ (Dot)
Pool-Pah from ‘The Flasher’ – Sour soul’ (Greene Bottle)
Dr. Phibes Clockwork Wizards from ‘Dr. Phibes’ – ‘Vulnavia’ (Air)
Ralph Carmichael from ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ – ‘The Addict’s Psalm’ (Light)
Tony Bruno from ‘Hell’s Angels ‘69’ – ‘Chase of death’ (Capitol)
Les Baxter from ‘Hell’s Belles’ – ‘Hot wind’ (Sidewalk)
Michel LeGrand from ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ – The Boston wrangler’ (UA)
Johnny Pate from ‘Shaft in Africa’ – ‘You can’t even walk in the park’ (ABC)
Badder than Evil from ‘Gordon’s War’ – ‘Hot wheels’ (Buddah)
Dominic Frontiere from ‘On Any Sunday’ – ‘Cross country’ (Bell)
Barry DeVorzon from ‘R.P.M.’ – The riot’ (Bell)
Cal Tjader from ‘Fritz the Cat’ – ‘Mamblues’ (Fantasy)
Philip Lambro from ‘Murph the Surf’ – ‘Murph the Surf (Dance rock)’ (Motown)
Mike Curb from ‘Mary Jane’ – ‘Bay city boys’ (Side Walk)
Quincy Jones from ‘They Call Me Mister Tibbs’ – ‘They call me Mister Tibbs’ (UA)
Hugo Montenegro from ‘Hurry Sundown’ – ‘Playing with dynamite’ (RCA Victor)
Mad Doctors from ‘Dr. Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs – ‘The mad mad doctor’ (Tower)
Back-Wash Rhythm Band from ‘The Golden Breed’ – ‘Waimea bay’ (Capitol)
Nat Dove & the Devils from ‘Petey Wheatstraw’ – ‘Zombie march’ (Magic Disc)