Frosty – Celsius Drop (04.16.12)

Stack your mattress high with dollar bills and grab a torch. Spark up the pile and blaze a bonfire high to say goodbye to your yesterday life. You no longer need sleep or money because now you are truly alive. Walk out the front door and knock down the house. Climb a mountain to flatten it. Swim through the seas and evaporate them with your body heat. You are a searing force soaring through the universe. In your path of destruction you leave behind you are tilling existence for new life. Good job!



Dawn Adults – R.I.P. Ferreh Faucet Jr.

Ourobros – Nevada

Outer Limits Recordings – Burnin’ through the Night

Cleaners from Venus – in the Kingdom of the Cool

Mo-Dettes – White Mice

The 45’s – Couldn’t Believe a Word

Orange Juice – Lovesick

Denim – It Fell off the Back of a Lorry

Psychic TV – Being Lost

Psychic Powers – Slow Driver

– break –

Chailai Chaiyata & Sawanee Patana – Kwan Tai Duew Luk Puen (You Should Die by Bullets)

Sara Mor Sara R – Kee Mao Lee

Herman’s Rocket – Golden Crystallen

William Devaughn – Be Thankful for What You’ve Got (New Version)

Javelin – Dymanite

Peaking Lights – All the Sun that Shines (Dam Funk Refreak)

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