Origin Peoples w/ guest Ando Laj – Orphic Tracks

Sunday, October 7 2018
07:00 AM - 09:00 AM

For as long as humans have recognized our own world, we have imagined and had visions of other worlds. In our oldest myths, it is the music-makers who are most adept at crossing between worlds, and the legendary musician Orpheus is the most famous and revered, one who could charm the very rocks and trees with his song. The boundaries are not just between physical places, but between life and death, human and non-human, moments in time. Now, at the border of night and day and the beginning of a new month, we present musical reveries to keep you united in liminal states.

Each month, LA-based label Origin People invites guest producers to help program 2 hours of ambient, downtempo, fourth-world melodies, jazz, psych, and folk from beyond the horizon and spanning generations. Selected with the myth of Orpheus in mind, these are sounds made to charm the wild and move even stone to dance. This month’s broadcast brings in guest Ando Laj from Toronto, an artist with releases on Origin Peoples and Wandering Eye.

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