International Synthesizer Day Broadcast

Wednesday, May 23 2018
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

DUBLAB is teaming up with online radio stations around the world as a part of Synth Day, organized by our friends at Our slice of the all-day broadcast features Daedelus and Secret Circuit!


May 23rd marks Synthesizer Day worldwide, uniting music lovers, musicians, producers and other like minded souls around a 24h audio-cosmic celebration transmitted live on WWFM – Gilles Peterson (London), Red Light Radio (Amsterdam), Teder.FM (Tel Aviv), Dublab (LA), Sky lab (Australia), Boxout (India), Raheem Radio (Italy), NNWR (Russia), WFMU (New Jersey), (Canada), Le mellotron (France) and more!

Since introducing his version of the modular synthesizer to the public in the late 60’s, Robert Moog’s legacy – The Synthesizer, has made an impact on the world far beyond that of a mere musical instrument, changing the way we build musical instruments, tearing down boundaries and limitations on the way we compose music, challenging our ideas of listening at large, and shaping the identity of generations to come, by making musical creation accessible to the masses.

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