Butchy Fuego – Hollergram

Tuesday, April 24 2018
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Butchy Fuego is the sole human behind the futuristic-tropical-electronic act known as San Gabriel. An accomplished drummer, he has toured the world with Japanoise legends, The Boredoms since 2007, as well as Nite Jewel, Rainbow Arabia, M.I.A., Pit Er Pat, in addition to performing in countless improv settings with other luminary musicians. When not on the road, you can find him in the studio as a producer and recording engineer. Recently he has taken to the mountains with an underground open-air party series called The San Gabriel Peak Performance Series, which takes place in various remote locations providing food, camping accommodations, and legendary music for an intimate audience.

Listen with caution. Butchy Fuego’s dublab program, Hollergram alters the space-time fabric on a monthly basis with each dissemination. Massive vibrations, likely to ramify the cosmic flux, will be in operation. Also, be prepared for trail reports, weather conditions, interviews with notable rangers and aural skullduggery.

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