Julia Bloop and Greyghost at Stories Books & Cafe

Sunday, November 12 2017
08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Contact Wave + dublab Present: An Experimental Sunday at Stories

A free evening of sublime and adventurous sounds, featuring the sonic explorations of




Julia Bloop, who recently moved to L.A. from Brooklyn, recently released their second cassette, ‘Roland Throop,’ on the venerable Crash Symbols implrint. Named for a pair of low-frequency, underwater noises recorded in the mid-90s, the project relies on meticulously arranged loops and effects. The material here was gathered haphazardly though, while living out a dreary sublet overlooking a barren concrete courtyard. “I drank wine, watched movies, listened to the radio, and was never quite sure what sounds I’d find on my 4-track when I woke up the next morning.” Though both albums are more than adequate just as reveries, despite its more dreamlike passages ‘Roland Throop’ has a distinct emotional charge throughout. That atmosphere comes across perfectly in the opener “I Gotta Get Outta This Place,” a strain of melancholia beautifully drawn out and recast elsewhere into shades of loneliness, as with “Too Many Ghosts,” or ambling epiphanies like “That Dracula” and “Tenaya.”


Greyghost is the solo project of Brian Griffith which focuses on blurs, textures and minimalism through use of bass guitar. Inspired by esoteric thinking, New Age modalities and energetic flow, each spontaneous composition serves as an auditory snapshot of the present.


Free! Plus coffee, beer, wine, and books!

Stories Books and Cafe
1716 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
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