Chris Kissel w/guests Morher + Kole Galbraith – Contact Wave

Sunday, July 1 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Hosted by Los Angeles-based DJ and journalist Chris Kissel, the bi-monthly dublab program Contact Wave enthusiastically celebrates the best experimental, avant-garde, psychedelic, and off-the-grid music crafted in L.A. and beyond.

This week’s episode features guest performances by Seattle artists Morher and Kole Galbraith, who are currently touring the U.S. together.


Morher is the musical project of Ambrosia Bardos, a multimedia artist based in Seattle and Chicago (fka wrtch). They create swells of sound and silence using vocalization and biometric data in tandem with analog sound manipulation. Their work is improvised with the intentionality of body plus electronics functioning as a channel. Morher’s work is informed by their diasporic Rroma and indigenous Quileute ancestry; in dialogue with Queer genealogies; in process with experiences of crisis and catharsis as survival, and as a consensual sex worker and survivor of pre-verbal trauma. Their artwork is a vessel for liminal spaces of communion.

Kole Galbraith

Sound artist Kole Galbraith creates deep drones by exploring the flexibility and viability of electric bass guitar’s revolutionary aspects, approaching with manners both traditional and unconventional to achieve delicate and gutturally cathartic possibilities. Weaving maximalism and minimalism, Kole mimics sounds found in nature while also generating cosmic layers, resulting in emotionally expressive pieces. A Pacific Northwest Native, he discovered improvisational techniques while living in Austria jamming with Balkan musicians, and has since returned home as an active artist performing primarily in art galleries and DIY spaces.
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