1/18/19 Broadcasts

  • 5:00pm – 1:00am Reeperbahn Festival x SEQUENCER TOUR USA



    From October 2018, event partners Reeperbahn Festival, re:publica and next media accelerator will be hosting five events in Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Detroit, and Austin. Over the course of the year, Deutschlandjahr USA will see numerous transatlantic projects, events, and workshops come to life in the US. The Year of German-American Friendship (“Deutschlandjahr USA”) is a comprehensive and collaborative initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by the Goethe-Institut, and with support from the Federation of German Industries (BDI).Deutschlandjahr USA is dedicated to exploring cultural issues, as well as questions about just democracies or new avenues within media landscapes.

    As one of Deutschlandjahr USA’s milestone projects, the SEQUENCER TOUR will offer a platform for discussions and exchanges through a series of innovative event formats. With a focus on “Politics & Society,” “Leisure & Lifestyle,” and “Transatlantic Fusion,” its formats include conference programs, showcases, as well as media and music matches.

    What’s the best way to see and hear new exciting music? Go to a club! Reeperbahn Festival will put on an international showcase night featuring up to six up-and-coming bands and artists from Germany, the US, and other countries – and, as one of the principal supporters of the Keychange initiative, the festival is focused on presenting a gender-balanced line-up. The venue and the names of the bands and artists to perform will be announced soon.

    Art Exhibition
    The language of art is universal – and when a music-art combination really works, the art can add a whole new dimension to the music. A successful pairing of the two not infrequently encapsulates the spirit of an entire generation – the Beatles’ album “Revolver” and its iconic cover, for example, or Woodstock and its famous poster image. Right from the start, the interface of art and music has been an important aspect of the Reeperbahn Festival programme, which will round off its visit to Los Angeles by presenting its exhibition “It Started in Hamburg” by Klaus Voormann which will last for several days. The combination of expressed art and music often gets to the heart of the lifestyle of a whole generation. Hardly anyone understands this better than Klaus Voormann whose six decades of comprehensive graphic and musical works are still crucial for the present day pop culture. Displaying iconic cover art for the Beatles album Revolver or assignments for contemporary bands such as Turbonegro or Mando Diao, “It Started in Hamburg” is dedicated to Voorman’s creative work, displaying sketches, graphics, objects and installations.

    Klaus Voormann „It Started In Hamburg
    Navel, 1611 S Hope St, Los Angeles
    Vernissage 30 October 2018
    Exhibition 30 October – 3 November 2018

    Music Matches
    Strong, sustainable transatlantic connections also grow out of good business relations. Reeperbahn Festival
    will organize Music Matches with a focus on sync, and bring together representatives from the German
    music industry and American colleagues. Brief meetings will provide an opportunity for getting acquainted,
    aligning business interests, and developing ideas.

    Curated by re:publica, the conference program focuses on two main topics: Our “Politics & Society” track will
    focus on “Universal Digital Rights.” We’d like to discuss transatlantic topics and current societal
    developments relevant to both the US and Europe. Our “Leisure & Lifestyle” track focuses on topics such as
    digital sovereignty, digital sustainability, and social justice within a digital context.



  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm Mark "Frosty" McNeill w/guest Juana Molina – In Conversation live from Loop

    For this program dublab will be broadcasting live from Ableton’s Loop in Hollywood. Tune in, or if you are attending Loop check out this program in person.

    Argentine sound visionary Juana Molina will join dublab co-founder Frosty for a reflective radio session diving into the creation of her most recent album Halo and the expansive field of resonance surrounding her ever-evolving being.

  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm D TIBERIO – Patterns of Lorena live from Loop

    For this program dublab will be broadcasting live from Ableton’s Loop in Hollywood. Tune in, or if you are attending Loop check out this program in person.

    Enjoy a DJ set by D Tiberio as he hosts his regular monthly dublab program live from Loop

    Patterns of Lorena focuses on left-leaning movements in dance, ambient, experimental and computer music. Selections are often in the moody realm but there are no set rules. Expect new sounds from artists both local and abroad, upcoming Timetable releases and guest selectors.

  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm Callie Ryan w/gues Fem Synth Lab (GHORBA DJ Set) – CUTS 01 live from Loop

    For this program dublab will be broadcasting live from Ableton’s Loop in Hollywood. Tune in, or if you are attending Loop check out this program in person.

    The once New York and now LA based DJ, producer, half of the duo DIVORCE, and curator of the night FM+, GHORBA, will be at the live broadcast as the representative from Fem Synth Lab. GHORBA has an incredibly important and special presence in the Los Angeles electronic music community and is a core member of Fem Synth Lab.

    After a thirty minute DJ set from GHORBA, dublab DJ, Callie Ryan will sit down and conduct an interview which will focus on the proactive, intentional, and inspiring work Fem Synth Lab is doing and how it is contributing to the ever-growing and changing Los Angeles sonic landscape. We will discuss the core principles of the collective, as well as how they go about curating their inventive and important programming.

    For the last thirty minutes of the program, Callie Ryan will play an hour long DJ set which will highlight artists who have participated or have been constructive in Fem Synth Lab programming.