2/21/18 Broadcasts

  • 10:00am – 12:00pm Chris Kissel w/guest Pauline Lay – Contact Wave

    Pauline Lay - alloy/pulp

    Hosted by Los Angeles DJ and journalist Chris Kissel, Contact Wave enthusiastically celebrates the best experimental, avant garde, psychedelic, and off-the-grid music crafted in L.A. and beyond.

    This week’s show features special guest Pauline Lay, who recently released her new cassette alloy/pulp. Lay received her current violin in 1992 and started using amps and pedals in 2003. She began performing/live composing solo pieces with her acoustic and electronic instruments in 2014.

  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm Arshia Haq w/guest Perwana (Pirate Modernity) – Radio Discostan


    Discostan presents musical narratives from Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and eastward to the edge of the earth – from Beirut to Bangkok via Bombay.

    Narrative threads include migration, celebration, warfare, nostalgia, homeland, borders, often within realms of Islamic influence, through the lenses of timeless traditional forms, the kaleidoscopic reinventions of pop culture, and everything in between and beyond.

    Most simply, Discostan is a love letter to the Dis-Orient.

    Host Arshia Haq is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, writer and listener with roots in East India by way of Yemen. Radio Discostan presents sounds from Belarus to Burma via Bombay derived from sources as wide as childhood cassettes to friends’ field recordings, with a mainstay of old and new vinyl treasures that delight and confound the ear.

    This episode will feature special guest Perwana from Pirate Modernity