7/20/18 Broadcasts

  • 10:00am – 11:00am The Orb & The Rolling Rock


    The Orb & The Rolling Rock
    the earth itself is a prisoner in the cold dungeons of deepest space …
    the human race barely survives beneath the pale artificial sun that is now
    it’s only source of heat and light and life … one orbject still fights the awful
    domination of the pyramids ” the orb ” – a fugitive escaped from the thought police .
    the orb with a living huge ever growing super-brain … a wolf in sheep’s clothing .

    connect to this clandestine transmission by DR (LX) ALEX PATERSON / THE ORB / OSS / ROOTMASTER

  • 11:00am – 12:00pm Frosty w/ Patrick Gleeson (live) – Celsius Drop

    patrick gleeson - smiling old guy

    Here it is, highly honed and happening for YOU. On his weekly Celsius Drop show, dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum. Tune-in to grasp your destiny.

    Frosty welcomes Patrick Gleeson onto this episode of Celsius Drop for a live performance in the 11am hour of the show.

    Gleeson is a pioneer of electronic music who’s recorded, composed and performed on over 100 major albums and films, from groundbreaking recordings with Herbie Hancock (who said “when I first heard what Patrick had done, I was completely blown away”) to Apocalypse Now (after listening to the other six more-or-less famous synthesists he’d hired, Coppola put Gleeson in charge and credited him as “Master Synthesist)

    Gleeson says, “Music for me is a passion and a love, but I have little interest in making “acceptable music.” Music gets good one someone goes in there and blows everything up. For a long time, I’ve seen that as my primary job.”

    In the 70s, that attitude got Gleeson, then a very young college professor, blacklisted in the California State University System and denounced by the notorious House Unamerican Activities Committee as “a Communist sympathizer.”

    “Very funny,” Gleeson says -“the New Left hated Communists almost as much as Republicans.”

    Gleeson’s reappearance as a performing artist is partly in response to what he says has happened to jazz. “Once Miles Davis died the jazz police decided to “correct” Davis’s tendency to incorporate all kinds of stuff in his music – rock and roll, funk, Stockhausen, Indian music and everything else – and turn it into “America’s classical music,” with an accompanying suspicion of innovation that turns off a lot of serious listeners who find sonic innovation in electronic music instead.”

    Gleeson’s current concerts are his response. He’s playing a custom computerized synth rig built around Ableton Live that allows him to improvise over Ableton “clips” – mostly short rhythm loops. The music, hypnotic and dense, is a mashup of electric Miles, funk, minimalism and EDM. “It gets out there,” Gleeson says, gleefully: “The jazz police will hate it.”

    patrick gleeson - Young blood

  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm Jimmy Tamborello – Dying Songs


    “Dying Songs” focuses on melancholic electronic music but isn’t limited to that. Sometimes it gets dark, sometimes I try to mix techno awkwardly, sometimes i get nostalgic… I like stuff that’s dreamy, ghostly, pretty and sad. I’ll try out new productions of my own, as well. I’m keeping it pretty open and we’ll see how it evolves.” – Jimmy Tamborello

  • 2:00pm – 4:00pm Azul Niño guest hosting – THEME GALAXY

    Photo by B+ for Dublab Presents: Freeways

    THEME GALAXY is a new monthly show on Dublab brought to you by Los Angeles Radio Veteran and Dublab Founding DJ Carlos Niño with Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, Music Archivist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Their concept is simple: Every program will have a Theme. Together they will conceive of and co-host the shows. They’re excited! Please join them!

    Happens every Third Thursday 2pm to 4pm


    Note: This will be Azul’s first Dublab show.
    He’s sitting in for his Dad Carlos who will be
    listening at home, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
    who’s on Tour with Thundercat.

  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm Derelict – Damage Control


    Derelict is the cicada of his dublab peers, burrowing out every few years, to lay songs in your ears. Some of the songs are exceedingly long, whilst some others will be played at speeds that are all wrong. Some will say “Too much techno!” or “Jungle is dead!;” but the patient will know a segue to AfroKrautJazzChillout is just ahead. Enjoy the occasional guest spot in between trainwrecks or fugues, and we hope you enjoy listening through your phonograph tube.

  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm DJ Lady C – Rare Air

    Rare Air Show image

    Rare Air is a product of its time and space, not adhering to any specific genre but rather whatever the wind blows into DJ Lady C’s consciousness. Roots reggae & dub records, classical cassettes, avant-garde electronic CDs, ambient and new age experimental media – Rare Air is a mixed bag made possible by the human experience of living in the 21st century in the City of Angels, surrounded by inspiration, noise, the constant hustle, and countless record stores full of treasure and good people.

  • 8:00pm – 10:00pm Induce – Dancing, Thinking Loving, Listening


    It all started with these words from Induce, “Bout to get on and play some weird stuff @dublab till about 4. Tune in!” Then the lightning split the sky and all the sounds from the dublab studio on this oblate spheroid called Planet Earth were pulled into the cosmos in a single beam of high lumen energy. From this newly elevated point they hit the universal prism of memory reflection and were split throughout the wide universe. We’re happy you got your radio attuned to Induce’s transmission. Whether you’re hearing this 2 billion years from now or simply right now we know you’ll enjoy the “weird stuff” being offered.

  • 10:00pm – 11:59pm Private Selection – Private Selection Radio

    After leaving the dangerous planet i-44, a group of .wav-slaves fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a decaying planet called TO-P40. Civil war strikes the planet, which is ruled by wack DJs, an evil force capable of train-wrecking sets and capitalistic event production. Terrified, a clan of ravers flee the Empire, with their protectors, Private Selection Records. They head for Los Angeles from the planet TO-P40. But when they finally arrive, they encounter a tribe of sound hounds. Private Selection attempts to use their records to defend the clan. Sadly, the ravers are captured by the sound hounds and taken back to an unknown location. Only through monthly broadcasts of eclectic music can Private Selection transmit these sacred frequencies in hope that the clan of ravers might find their way back.