6/20/18 Broadcasts

  • 10:00am – 12:00pm DJ Funnel and Hashim Bharoocha – guest session

    Shinichiro Mikawa known as DJ Funnel is a Tokyo based DJ and track-maker. He is the owner of record label/music collective “stripe-dot.” and is the director of record label “astrollage”. His DJing skills allow significantly smooth flow that is delicately blended with wide range of music selections crossing over genre borders varying from bouncy scratching hip hop beats to warm and gentle acoustic music to echoing ambient sounds, all of which are perfectly displayed in his numerous DJ mix series which he has released over the years. Along making his own music often described “airy lyrical”, he has contributed remix works for artists like L.E.D. and No.9 to name a few. While enjoying his involvement with dulab.jp radio (Japan branch of LA’s dublab) as “labrat DJ”, he keeps himself busy in managing recored label “rings”. His 13th DJ mix “Blue Moon” (released in Sep.2016) is his latest work available.

  • 2:00pm – 4:00pm Southern Soul Spinners – Soul Kaleidoscope

    The Southern Soul Spinners are one of our favorite DJ crews in the universe. We are beyond honored to welcome them onto the dublab airwaves each month to share tunes with you. Ruben Molina, Soulera5150, George Miller Jr., Rene Ruelas, Robert Galan, Josh Whittemore and an extended family of like-minded sound selectors form this beyond cool and always laid back crew. They are some of the deepest music explorers we’ve ever encountered and their passion comes to life each time they crack open their record cases. Come along for this sweet soul spin the second Monday of each month from Noon-2pm PST on dublab.com!

  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm CALLIE w/guests Kelman Duran & Violence – CUTS 01

    CUTS 01 / a melting pot of dark wave electronic, footwork, bounce, hip hop, jazz and textured instrumentals all linked together by a cacophony of samples which have been cut, chopped, and screwed from vinyls excavated from the depths of dollar bins around Los Angeles and beyond.

    For this episode, Callie will be featuring special guests, Violence (NON Worldwide) and Kelman Duran of ‘Rail Up’ in preparation for a special event on October 5th curated by Cameo. This show will be the LA debut of Swiss Tibetan artist, Aisha Devi, with support from Violence, Kelman Duran, and Callie.


    VIOLENCE(sometimes stylized VILENCE, V†LENCE, or V†L£://CE) began as an art-house project by Olin “Palmtrees Caprisun” Caprison in 2010. After various releases on a number of net-labels, as well as being featured on several physical compilations, such as Blasting Voice, a compilation curated by Ashland Mines for Teenage Teardrops, VIOLENCE’s first physical release, REPTILE/Hand-Me-Downs From Heaven, a two-part EP, was released by Steak au Zoo Records in 2012. A subsequent European tour followed in the summer of that year. Since, VIOLENCE has focused on performing throughout the United States, releasing several EPs on their own. In 2015 VIOLENCE became one of the featured artist’s of Mykki Blanco’s DogFood Music Group. VIOLENCE had three tracks featured on C-ORE, DogFood MG’s premiere compilation. Subsequently, VIOLENCE released their EP, The Embrace of Enkidu and Gilgamesh, an EP dedicated to friendship and its toils, using a mix of hard body grime, morose noise, and celebratory anthems to illustrate these ideas.
    A multi-instrumentalist, Olin Caprison composes, produces, and performs for all of VIOLENCE’s output. Their compositions are known for their complexity, shifting between and combining multiple styles of music in single songs. This complexity comes from a desire to dissect these styles of music in search of a syncretic narrative of human sound. Lyrical themes resonate from earlier experiences growing up in Baltimore, MD, to meditations on life from primary viewpoints of the intersections between various cultures.


    Kelman Duran.