EDG4R, Stevezy, Mickey de Grand IV – Cosmic Chronic dublab session (10.03.12)

This is some Miami-bred music that will surely move you into motion. These bubbling waves will wash over you like a psychic reading gone down deep. Tune into the Cosmic Chronic broadcast and prepare for a rare occurrence that like a UFO sighting or talking camel will make you question your grasp on reality. EDG4R, Stevezy and Mickey de Grand IV will now proceed to make friends with your ears!



Lous Santi – La Chancleta
Stevezy – Dadeland Beat #1
Stevezy – Dadeland Beat #2
Stevezy – Dadeland Beat #3
Kabuki Iron Kolors – Rad Scientists
Kabuki Iron Kolors – Yakuza Chick
Dream Boat – When can I see you again (Major Harris Edit)
Miami Players Club – As for you and I
Miami Players Club – You’ve got to be real
Miami Players Club – You’ve got to be real (part 2)
Mickey de Grand IV – Little Havana (Radio Edit)
Psychic Mirrors – I come for your love
Mickey de Grand IV – Pharoah’s Crypt
Psychic Mirrors – The Witching Hour
La Break out – Dont Stop
??????? – White Label ?????
Dianne Marie – I’ve waited so long
Rocket – Come together
X man – That Body
The O’Jays – Put our heads together (instrumental mix)
Melba Moore – My Loves coming at yah
C Grand – Wired for games
Goody Goody – Make me hot
Glory – Can you guess what groove this is?
Hotline – Rock this house (Dub Mix)
Anquette – Throw The P
Dimples Tee – Jealous Fella’s
Afro Rican – Doggy Style
2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog – Doo Doo Brown
Low Frequency – Jackin For Bass
DJ Laz – Miami, El Negro
The Dogs – Life About Crack
The Puppies – Funky Y-2-C
Byron Davis and The fresh crew – Now dance
Dial 9 – Bass in my buick
Gigolo Tony – Shake Your Pants