Echo Park Film Center – Optical Track (09.04.18)


Optical Track is a weekly show presented by members of the Echo Park Film Center Co-op, a group of artists who collectively staff EPFC as volunteers for the cinematic revolution. Each week we will bring you a sonic slideshow as we turn off the projector bulbs and turn up the sound. Tuesdays 8 – 10pm pacific time on KFEP.
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      Echo Park Film Center – Optical Track (09.04.18)


Lilian Schwartz – Googolplex Soundtrack
Craig Leon – Donkeys Bearing Cups

Amps For Christ – A Very Mode-Ular Song
Positive Shadow – Untitled #4
Lives Of Angels – Imperial Motors
SM Corporation – Fire From Above

Keine Zeit – Zeite
Innertube – Catch Vicelli
Absolute Body Control – A Broken Dream
Lilliput – Might is Right
Amos and Sarah – In A Hell Bed
Algebra Suicide – Tuesday Tastes Good To Me

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