EARTHTONES – Tizita Radio (07.09.18)

Earthtones guest hosted this episode of Tizita Radio!

Serge B. aka Earthtones is part of the Beat Tropíc DJ duo, hosting monthly events in Ojai all summer long. Serge has been known for enlivening + uplifting parties with his original collection of Deep Disco, Afrobeat, Brazilian, Latin, Jazz Dance, Ethno-Pop, Classic R&B, Psychedelia, Synth Folk and Roots records for years. An electronic artist, former jazz musician, DJ, yoga/meditation teacher, and collector of rare vinyl around the world, Serge has played at legendary LA parties such as Sketchbook, Firecracker, The Do-Over, and shared the tables with legends from Theo Parrish to DJ Spinna.

Serge released his first full-length of original music on vinyl, “Analog Lovers Rock,” under the moniker Sahaja in September 2016. Much more sound on the way, check the Earthtones website.

      EARTHTONES - Tizita Radio (07.09.18)


Kasa Tesema – Tizita

Vito Rici – Hollywood

Super Mama Djombo – Gardessi

Mark Barrott – Cirrus & Cumulus

Messe Des Desherites – Appel A La Priere

Carlos Niño and Friends – Calimayan

Don Cherry – Brown Rice

Stoer Duo – Vietnam

Msafir Zawose – Nosaga

Abba Gargando – zinezju meghdem

Theo Parrish – Ugly Edit 06

Small Island Pride – Taxi Driver

Sarathy Korwar – Dreaming

Gifted & Blessed – The Winds Have Passed

Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora De Icaic – Madre

Baden Powell – Tristeza E Solidao

Earthtones – Tamé

Rare Silk – Storm

Roberto Musci – Nexus on the Beach

Earthtones – Invocation

Anenon – Two For C

Bulent – Kediler

Yunus Emre – Its You I Need

Umako Ando – Iuta Upopo

Carlos Niño & Friends (ft. Nate Morgan + Dntel): Rhodestargate

Brother Nolan – Pueo, Tara & Me

Carlos Niño & Friends (ft. John Michael Daniel)- We’re on an Adventure!

Zenith – Waitin’

Chico Hamilton – Gengis

Francis Bebey – Binta Madiallo

Voices & Instruments of Bengala – Guru Baoul song