Dome of Doom – dublab Takeover (07.30.16)

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Saturday 7/30 from 12-2pm Dome of Doom Records took overDublab to bring you two hours of all origional music from artists on the label. Dome of Doom Records founder Wylie Cable played the debut album ‘Gnome Lyfe’ by Gnome Beats from top to bottom to start off the show, plus a set of origional material from his own upcoming album ‘Lunatic Bard’ (9/23 on Dome of Doom Records). Followed by special guest appearances from Eraserfase, and Stevie Schmidt, and other Dome of Doom family.

      Dome of Doom - dublab Takeover (07.30.16)


Clyde – Dis Wun Dem Too

Full Stream ‘Gnome Lyfe’ by Gnome Beats:
Gnome Beats – Gang Of White Horses
Gnome Beats – Ghost Life
Gnome Beats – Decrease
Gnome Beats – Linestepper feat. Myka 9
Gnome Beats – Ezekial
Gnome Beats – Glaciers x Thunder
Gnome Beats – Empty Castle
Gnome Beats – Hollow Like Earth
Gnome Beats – Pacific Reflection feat. Ray Black
Gnome Beats – Constant As The Mood
Gnome Beats – Dissolution

Wylie Cable Set:
Clyde – DRTY PT 2.
Clyde – /////Minun tyttö sai perse\\\\\
Clyde – EARTH (feat. Quess MCK)
Cazal Organism – 5 South
Cazal Organism – Skotlind (Rough_Loop)
Kenny Segal – Protect Yo Chain [dub]
Kenny Segal – Afternoon Hangs with Harris, Ian and Carmack [waves demo]
Kenny Segal – Hours Without U [dub] feat. H-Y and Carmack
Wylie Cable – Jingaling pt.1
Cazal Organism – Pyramids Off The Coast of Cuba
Samiam – Mirror feat. Earl Sweatshirt

Stevie Schmidt Live Set

Eraserfase Live Set