DJ Shhhhh & Yosi Horikawa – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (06.26.13)


Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for the “Radio Collective.” If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 8pm Tokyo time / 3am Los Angeles time.

DJ Shhhhh brings in a summer breeze to the damp Tokyo night with this ambient DJ Mix. Then, Yosi Horikawa, who just has released his 1st album “VAPOR”, talked with Masaaki Hara and introduced his roots music. Enjoy!


MIX: DOWNLOAD Radio Collective #20 From Tokyo @cafe_malmo (06.26.13)

DJ Shhhhh:

1. John Fahey/Requiem For Molly (Part 2) (Vanguard)
2. Josephine Foster / Waltz Of Green (Bo’Weavil)
3. Jimmy Giuffre 3 / The Green Country (New England Mood) (Atlantic)
4. Gareth Dickson / Sleep Deep (Sleeping Man)
5. Emilio Haro / Viaje En Globo (Radiaciones Armonicas)
6. Terraplén / Para La Lluvia (Vibra)
7. Durif – Champeval / La Ferme Des Rosier、Rue De Stockholm (L’autre Distribution)
8. Grainne Hambly / Hornpipes (Grainne Hambly)
9. Oreka TX / Nagoreko Bidean (Elkar)
10. Leonardo Martinelli / Cápsula Periódica (Independiente)
11. Tomutonttu / For An Unreleased Italian Compilation Tape (Dekorder)
12. Monopoly Child Star Searchers/ Constellation Toucana (Underwater Peoples)
13. Quicksails / A Late Realization (Spectrum Spools)
14. Co La / Sukiyaki To Die For (Software)

Yosi Horikawa:

1. Yosi Horikawa / Summer in 1987 (First Word Records)
2. Yosi Horikawa / No title (made when I was 13 years old)
3. Coldcut / Timber (Ninja Tune)
4. Beatnuts / Props Over Here (Relativity)
5. Gang Starr / The Place Where We Dwell (Chrysalis/EMI Records)
6. Showbiz & AZ / 40 Acres And My Props (PAY DAY)
7. Bobby Brown / One More Night (MCA Records)
8. Yosi Horikawa / Maki (First Word Records)
9. En Vogle / Hold On (Atlantic)
10. Gismonti / Quarto Mundo #1 (ECM Records)
11. Pat Metheny / Are You Going With Me (ECM Records)
12. Various Artists (Central Africa) / Naa-Koro (Ocora)
13. Yosi Horikawa – Grandpa (First Word Records)