\\Diva// – Demented Doo Wop (11.11.11)


When romance gets to your head and all the tears rise up like tidal waves and the world is filled with a chorused unison of voices singing in syncopated ripples that bend the sidewalk up at the corners into a cement sack that cocoons you with care, you know you have found the most freaked out spot in town and it’s a perfect night for demented doo wop. Here’s a dose, chopped and screwed by \\Diva//.

      \Dive// - Demented Doo Wop (11.11.11)


The Pharoahs – The Tender Touch
The Starlites – Valerie
Bonnie Guitar – There’s A New Moon Over My Shoulder
The Chaperones – Cruise To The Moon
The Dolphins – I Don’t Want To Go On Without You
Gloria Mann – Teenage Prayer
The Rocky Fellers – Lonely Teardrops
The Echoes – Baby Blue
The Janettes – He’s Crying Inside
Kenny Angel – Teenage Honeymoon
Roy Orbison – Love Hurts