diA guest hosting – The Archive of Feelings (05.02.18)


As an archivist / librarian, T-Kay brings an eye and ear for the historical, unique, and transnational to her musical curation. The Archive of Feelings is a celebration of sounds and struggles of everyday life across linguistic and geographic boundaries gathered through serendipitous findings from around the world.

      diA guest hosting – The Archive of Feelings (05.02.18)


Lull Relations w/ dj diA

Mary Lattimore & Elysse Thebner Miller – Victor, 1993 (End of a Holiday)
Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Jetsex
Pencak Silat, Situbondo, East Java w/Arrington de Dionyso and Lima Jari Sakti Rasyat – Side 1
Los Sampler’s Descargas – Descarga Mecano (Descarga Disco Duro)
Alesia Cosmos – Le Vol Du Bourbon
Kim, So-hee – Kayageum Sanjo
Robert Shelf – Remembering, performed by “Blue” Gene Tyranny
Laurie Anderson for Kronos Quartet – Nothing Left but Their Names
Yehudi Menuhin & Ravi Shankar – Raga Puriya Kalyan
Herbert Brun for speaker and tape. Marianne Brun, speaker – Futility 1964
Bruno Spoerri – Saxellite
The Kyoto Kabuki Orchestra – Dojoji
Ahmed Malek & Flako – Tape 16 Track 3
Bana Haffar – EXO
Jeff Mills – Rabid Star Clusters
Pauline Oliveros – Alien Bog
Robert Ashley – Flying Saucer Dialogue from the opera Atlalanta (Acts of God)
Madalyn Merkey – Archipelago
tinhops – sequenced twinset
YPY – Mild Mind Bending
The Starling – Ly Con Sao
Raglani – Web of Light
Gil Melle – Xenogenesis
Anakrid – I’m Sorry For What I Did…And What I’m About to Do
Toshiro Mayuzumi (1929) – Mandara
Maria Teresa Luciani – The Port
Salvatore Martirano – The Salmar part two
Suzanne Ciani – “Help, Help, The Globolinks!” Part One
Morton Subotnick – The Key to Songs
India National Sitar Ensemble – Suite for Two Sitars and Indian Folk Ensemble – Part !
Alesia Cosmos – OJJA
Bulent Arel – Mimiana I: Flux
Mary Lattimore & Elysse Thebner Miller – Grips on Baby