Derelict – Damage Control (09.21.17)


Derelict is the cicada of his dublab peers, burrowing out every few years, to lay songs in your ears. Some of the songs are exceedingly long, whilst some others will be played at speeds that are all wrong. Some will say “Too much techno!” or “Jungle is dead!”; but the patient will know a segue to AfroKrautJazzChillout is just ahead. Enjoy the occasional guest spot in between trainwrecks or fugues, and we hope you enjoy listening through your phonograph tube. – Derelict

      Derelict - Damage Control (09.21.17)


Kutmah – Hackney
Jellies – Jive Baby on a Saturday Night (Jonny and Tommy Stupid Backward Mix)
Vex Ruffin – Man With a Plan
Joe Cruz – Black Widow
Bohannon – The Pimp Walk
Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park
Idris Muhammad – House of the Rising Sun
Gary Bartz NTU Troop – Celestial Blues
Super-A-Loof – Bounce To Disk
Stacey Pullen – Vertigo
Daphni – Xing Tan
Dj Rocca – MArco Tardelli (Daniele Baldelli Remix)
The Orb – Alpine (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Terence FM – Feelin’ Kinda High
Nightmares on WAx – Aftermath (LFO Mix)
Phuture – Rise From Your Grave (Wake Side-Part One and Two)
Loft – Heffalump
Paradox – Drum & Chase
Cooly G – Love Again
Nathan Fake – Bosky
John T. Gast – Wygon_Tryagen
Pantha Du Prince – The Winter Hymn (Ft. Queens)
Roman Flugel – 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)
Photek – T. Raenon (Version)
Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Om Unit’s Rollers VIP)
Computer Jay – Noise From the Cemetary / Omni Bent
Ronnie Hudson – West Cost Poplock
Visioneers – The WO\orld Is Yours