Dam Mantle – Live dublab “Sprout Session” (03.28.11)

This session sadly slipped into the dusty netherworld of dublab digital limbo but was recently and joyously excavated due to some diligent efforts by our team of archival detectives. Now it’s here for you to enjoy countless times over again. If you caught the original live broadcast of Dam Mantle and Gold Panda’s dublab session you most likely have a wide smile forming on your face now that it is once again tickling the tips of your ears. This duo paid us a visit in the midst of their US tour and we can confidently say it was a musical highlight of 2011. We had been turned onto Dam Mantle’s music just shortly before his visit and were quick converts to his world of sound. He is a man totally invested in creative waves and his wide-eyed artistic affinity comes through loud and clear through his dynamic sonic structures. We hope you enjoy Dam Mantle’s performance. We thank the stars it has resurfaced for all to enjoy.