Daddy Differently & Dirty Dave – Things of Life (03.31.17)

It’s the simple things isn’t it? The little things of life. Good food, sunshine, no traffic, dark coffee, 72˚ breeze, telephone off the hook and music every Friday morning a la Dirty Dave and Daddy Differently.

      Daddy Differently & Dirty Dave – Things of Life (03.31.17)


Cantoma – Clear Coast

Pacific – B2

Bubble Club – The Goddess (Quiet Village Remix)

Yoshio Suzuki – The Mirage

Michael Hayes – Auburn Angular Beauty

Mix – Do You Do It

Now Now Now – Problem (Heart Mix)

Ghost Vision – Untitled

Ptaki – Girlandy


Mr Marvin – Entity (Fitzcarraldo Mix)

Blazer  – Project Sandro

Skatebard – Marimba

Jex Opolis – Guitar Sands

Linda Mirada – La Costa (Simple Symmetry Remix)

Elles & Violet – Untitled (upcoming on Love On The Rocks)

Etbonz – Cambodian Dreams

Boney M – Gadda Da Vida (Soft Rocks Edit)

Lauer – ESC (Prins Thomas Mix)

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Speak Out