D Tiberio w/guest J. Dende – Patterns of Lorena (04.08.17)

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Patterns of Lorena focuses on left-leaning movements in dance, ambient, experimental and computer music. Selections are often in the moody realm but there are no set rules. Expect new sounds from artists both local and abroad, upcoming Timetable releases and guest selectors.

      D Tiberio w/guest J. Dende – Patterns of Lorena (04.08.17)


D Tiberio

Hal Walker – Musical Explorer
Djavan – Amazon Farewell
Frits Wentink – You Be The Seaside
Kareem Lotfy – Fr3sh
Huerco S. – On The Embankment
Actress – Ivy May Gilpin
Laurence Guy – W.L.Y.B
Slacker – Tape Rock
Steven Be Calm – Aqua
Anthony Naples – Abrazo
Omar-S – On Your Way
Joakim Hellgren – Onlyway
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Harmony
Steven Be Calm – Actin’ Right
Actress – X22RME
Ross From Friends – .biz
The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me
Shinichi Atobe – World 2
The Abstract Eye – Grandfather Fire
Space Ghost – Starship 2091

J. Dende

Chick Corea – Lenore/Reverie
Ayumi Hamasaki – Next Level
Craig David/Mark Hill – Fill Me In (instrumental)
LUNA – I Wish
George Benson – No One Emotion
Especia – Helix
Mega Co. – 恋の花街吉原育ち薄雲太夫ここにあり
J Dende – natural/Frescura
Gato Barbieri – Bolivia
BB Johnson – Amiga//Re-Work
American Football – The 7’s (live)
*☆○o。乳首は財産。o○☆* – ₍₍⁽⁽Wishing₎₎⁾⁾
Carmen Costa – Obsessão
LLLL – Chains Phase 1: Resent
Gabor Szabo – Time
さいとうまりな – Crazy For You
Milton Nascimento – Carro De Boi
MÉNE – Come And See Me (Spanish Remix)
Ronnie Laws – Fever
Pocari Coating – 1991 – Tangerine Lidl (edit)
Beef Fantasy – Stakeholder