Cosmic D’Alessandro – Latitudes (10.10.16)


Cosmic D’Alessandro (aka Summer Recreation Camp) uses the pulsing pirate signal of his spaceship to share his favorite music gathered from around the universe with all the humanoids who have their receptors open wide. Tune in for this voyage through the outer spheres. Your captain is ready to send deep waves your way! Latitudes is recorded live every week from the studio in Barcelona.

      Cosmic D'Alessandro - Latitudes (10.10.16)


Sun Ra – Moonshine Journey – Cosmos (Spalax, 2004)

Horace Tapscott and the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – Desert Fairy Princess – Live At I.U.C.C. (Nimbus West Records, 2006)

The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe – Coltrane – A Spirit Speaks (Strata-East, 1974)

Leon Thomas – Song for my Father – The Facets of Leon Thomas (Flying Dutchman, 1973)

Ronnie Boykins – They Will Come, Is Now – Ronnie Boykins (ESP Disk, 1975)

Maurice McIntyre – Humility in the Light of the Creator – Humility in the Light of the Creator (Delmark, 1969)

Calvin Keys – Shawn Neeq – Shawn Neeq (Black Jazz Records, 1971)

Wayne Horvitz / Butch Morris / Robert Previte – The Duchess (Sound Aspects, 1988)

Azimuth – The Tunnel – Azimuth (ECM, 1977)

Oregon – Vessel – Roots in the Sky (Elektra, 1979)

Eberhart Weber – The Following Morning – The Following Morning (ECM, 1977)

Toshifumi Hinata – 光と水 – Reality in Love (Alfa, 1986)

Gigi Masin – The Wind Song – Wind (The Bear on the Moon, 2016)

Craig Kupka – Clouds II (Excerpt) – Clouds: New Music For Relaxation (Folkways, 1981)

Yas-Kaz – Jungle Book – Jomon-Sho (Gramavision, 1985)

Finis Africae – Dana do Corpo – Amazonia (EM Records, 2016)

Robert Rich – Rainforest Suite: Surface – Rainforest (Hearts of Space, 1989)

Stephan Micus – Part 6 – Wings Over Water (Japo, 1982)


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