Coffee&Cigarettes Band, Yakenohara – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (4.29.15)

100th! Yay!

We’ve got the 100th anniversary of “Radio Collective” from Malmö! Yay! In the first session, we broadcasted “electric roots” by Kensei & Sagaraxx of Coffee & Cigarettes Band. They picked up Pal Joey, who is a B-BOY house producer pepresentative of NY, and featured Pal Joey’s low beat and also spotlighted Joey’s jazzy and smoothy another side. In later, Yakenohara came back to since he appeared in the Culture Fair in November, 2014. He played some Japanese Juke DJ set. Radio Collective #100 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (4.29.15)


Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 9pm Tokyo time / 4am Los Angeles time. Radio Collective #100 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (4.29.15)

Coffee&Cigarettes Band:

1. Pal Joey / That’s How It is (Loop D’ Loop)
2. Pal Joey / Drum Major Instinct / (Loop D’ Loop)
3. Pal Joey / Making Hits (Loop D’ Loop)
4. Pal Joey / Ah Baby / Pal Joey (Loop D’ Loop)
5. Pal Joey / Test Me / Pal Joey (Loop D’ Loop)
6. Pal Joey / Crowd Jumpin / Pal Joey (Loop D’ Loop)
7. Brothers Of The Mind / Rough&Toug Horg (Original Instrumental) (Max’n)
8. Brothers Of The Mind / Rough&Toug Horg (Nightyme Version) (Max’n)
9. Pal Joey / Go go go (Loop D’ Loop)
10. Pal Joey / Swim For My Intellect (Loop D’ Loop)
11. Pal Joey / Want My Money (Loop D’ Loop)
12. Pal Joey / Puff And Lounge (Loop D’ Loop)
13. Pal Joey / Heaven On Earth (Loop D’ Loop)
14. K-Creative / To Be Free(Brother John)-Pal Joey Remix (Talkin’Loud)


1. SirY.O.K.O.PoLoGod. / ドゥビドゥWhat
2. Husky / Spaced Out
3. Hiroki Yamamura / JUKEしようや Feat. TRAXMAN
4. Paisley Parks / Jingo
5. Juke Elllington / With your Screwed Love
6. DJ Double Nugget / Dance Floor
7. DJ Paypal, DJ Taye, Boylan & Big Hank / Love Jones
8. Husky / Got To Be Me
9. SAINT PEPSI / Skylar Spence (Juke Remix)
10. Super (ao juke edit)
11. KΣITO / Juke for AMAZON
12. Chance The Rapper / JUKE JUKE
13. mononomonooto / 夜に壁を見つめていたら色んなことを思い出した
14. Benzamak / I’m Broke as Fuck
15. Marvellous Cain / War in ’94 (FishStix RMX)
16. Boogie Mann / Feelin’ Inside
17. ECD / 憧れのニューエラ (TMNG Harlem Shake Remix)
18. Juke Ellington & 618Footwork / Space Invaders
19. Chico Mann / Métele Mano (Aja West & Cheeba Remix)
20. Wave Racer,YAKENOHARA x CHABE / Stand Still Record Players
21. J.C. Lodge / Say You Love Me
22. TOMATOS / ロック ユア ベイビー
23. チエコ・ビューティー / だいじょーぶ
24. Amy Winehouse / Between The Cheat
25. ???
26. 小玉和文 / What A Wonderful World
27. Gontiti / Share the Moonlight