Coffee & Cigarettes Band, Mr.Tikini – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (01.08.14)

RIP, Eiichi Ohtaki.

In this #44 session, one of our proudly hosted program “Electric Roots” by DJ Kensei and Sagaraxx presented Eiichi Ohtaki (大瀧詠一) who is the great and most beloved and respected Japanese singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and radio DJ, passed away last year.
And, Mr.Tikini, the owner of OSIRIS, came to the studio and talked about his label and music. Metro ZU (from Miami, visiting Japan) and his friend jointed at the end then showed their freestyle rap. Radio Collective #44 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (01.08.14)

Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 8pm Tokyo time / 3am Los Angeles time. Radio Collective #44 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (01.08.14)

Coffee & Cigarettes Band:

1. Eiichi Ohtaki / Niagara Moon (Niagara Records)
2. Eiichi Ohtaki / Sanmon Song (Niagara Records)
3. Eiichi Ohtaki / Fussa Strut (Niagara Records)
4. Eiichi Ohtaki / Tanoshii Yofukashi (Niagara Records)
5. Eiichi Ohtaki / Shakkuri Mamasan (Niagara Records)
6. Minako Yoshida / Yume de Aetara (RCA Records)
7. Eiichi Ohtaki / Yubikiri (King Records)
8. Eiichi Ohtaki / Binbou (King Records)
9. Sugar Babe / Show (Niagara Records)
10. Sugar Babe / Ame wa Tenohira ni Ippai (Niagara Records)
11. Eiichi Ohtaki / Waga Kokoro no Pinbowl (Niagara Records)
12. Eiichi Ohtaki / Kanaria Shotou nite (Niagara Records)
13. Eiichi Ohtaki / Fun×4 (Niagara Records)
14. Niagara CM Special Vol.1 / Wakagaeri〜Joubuna Fuufu〜Komekko (Niagara Records)
15. Motoharu Sano / Bye Bye C-Boy (Niagara Records)

Coffee&Cigarettes Band / seen 2
Sugar Babe / DownTown (Karaoke) (Niagara Records)
Coffee&Cigarettes Band / BlackSugar


1. King Louie / Michael Jordan
2. Luckaleannn / 10 Cellphones (GOTH MONEY RECORDS)
3. theMFK / Me Woodi pt1 ft Avi Twat (Self-released)
4. XXXY / Studio 9 (Just Like That) (Ammunition Promotions Ltd)
5. Space Ghost Purrp / How She Moan (Self-released)
6. Kingdom -/Stalker Ha (Night Slugs)
7. Filter Dread / Fang X (Visionist Dragon Remix) (Lost Codes)
8. Toddla T sound / Worst Enemy (Deadboy Remix) (Ninja Tune)
9. Beat a Bitch / Grandmilly, Mufflucid, Dxrty Rxdd, J Grxxn(Self-released)
10. Frank Ocean / Novacane (Lakim Edit) (Self-released)
11. Space Bitch / Something
12. Metro Zu / Pimpin Ain’t (Self-released)
13. Crypticz / 1992 (Good Street Records)
14. Lloydie Crucial / Ribbon In The Sky (Lloydie Crucial Productions)
15. Supa Sortahuman X Shawn Kemp / UFOIN (Self-released)
16. Yung Ralph / Work (Universal Republic Records)
17. SpaceGhostPurrp / Fuck Lames (Self-released)

OSR001 Showcase
18. Slim Tikini Pickens / On The Rise (unreleased)
19. palmetto Wave / Only been a week (unreleased)
21. OMVVR / For You (unreleased)
22. Piff Gang / Money Comes (unreleased)
23. Lofty305 / Fockkk (unreleased)

Metro Zu Showcase
24. Metro Zu / PaperStakk (Self-released)
25. Metro zu ft Chippy Nonstop / Yung Rug Munch (Self-released)
26. Lofty305 / Feel pt2 (Self-released)
27. Freebase (Posh God) / Voodoowave (Self-released)
28. Posh Dog (Posh God) / if i die 2nite (instrumental)
29. Posh Dog (Posh God) – KiloDog
30. Consumer Glory – Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
31. Ruben Slikk Ft Tikini – Shogun Shinobi (Produced by DJ Skyfish) (unreleased)

Coffee & Cigarettes Band